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  • Rev. Thomas Abraham

More Prayer

We Need More Prayer Warriors In The Church

Acts 1:14 - "They all joined together constantly in prayer."

The first century church began to pray before they did anything.

  1. They were ready to gather together for prayer

  2. They were ready to pray together

  3. They prayed in one accord and in one mind

  4. They prayed in the Holy Spirit

  5. Their prayer was not a "one and done" prayer – once they started praying, they never stopped.

  6. They walked in prayer and they walked with the prayer.

  7. Their prayer become their lifestyle.

The early church had no building, no money, and no political influence, yet they turned the world upside down!

The church was born in a prayer room, a "prayer-conditioned" house.

Before the Holy Spirit came and filled that house, the disciples filled that house with prayer.

Before it became a house of power, it was a house of prayer.

Before it become a house of miracles, they filled it with prayer.

Prayer is the golden key for revival; those who are dead in spirit don’t care for their prayer life.

A prayer-less man is a powerless man.

A prayer-less man is like a fenceless vegetable garden unprotected from wild animals.

Praying and having a prayer life is different.

Praying is a religious activity; however, having a prayer life is having a relationship with God Almighty.

Prayer is the Cinderella of today’s church; she is not being loved or adored by the church, but rather ignored.

If you do not have a systematic and healthy prayer life, then you are not fighting with the devil, but instead playing with devil. Be careful!!

We are in need of many things, but we are desperately in need of a prayer life.

The church is lacking in many areas today, but more so in prayer.

We have many organizers, but too few grievers/groaners in the spirit.

Musicians and leaders are many, but prayer warriors are few.

Singers are many, but worshippers are few.

Ministers and pastors are many, but wrestlers in the spirit are few.

Cowards are many, but criers are few.

Opponents are many, but intercessors are few.

Writers are many, but spiritual fighters are few.

When we fail in prayer, we fail everywhere.

-Leonard Ravenhill

Either your sin will stop your prayer life or prayer life will stop your sin.

Preachers can touch people, but prayer touches the heart of God.

A preacher may perish regardless of his preaching, but no one perishes by prayer.

Jesus said, "My house will be called a house of prayer."

-- Matthew 21:13

Yes, we are the temple of God - 1Corinthians 3:16; 6:19.

So they filled that house with prayer before God filled it with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for a believer is like a capital investment for a businessman.

The secret about prayer is praying in secret.

Mathew 6:6 - But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

If you want to be a house of power, you first need to become a house of prayer.

If you kneel down before God, your problems will kneel down before you!

If we want to receive power, we need to be closer to the source of the power.

A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier.

In today’s sin-dominated world, we need to keep our families safe and holy through prayer.

If we receive anything from the Lord through the fire of prayer, Satan cannot destroy it.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." - Isaiah 40:31.

Walk with God when your heart needs company.

Turn to God when you need someone to lean on.

Take his hand when you feel alone.

He is there when you need him most … in your prayer room.

Never give up, never back down, never lose faith.

Trust that God can do the impossible…

Prayer warriors are the backbone of the church – they are the repairers of the net.

During the good and bad times, a prayer warrior will praise God instead of making complaints.

A prayer warrior won’t tell God, "Oh God, I have a big problem." Instead, he will say, "Hey problem! I have a Big God!"

A prayer warrior will be a warrior everywhere and not a worrier.

When you pray, God will listen, when you listen, God will speak, and when you believe, God will work.

When you pray, God will turn your mess into a message, your test into a testimony, your trial into triumph, and a victim into a victor.

Prayer is the best medicine for your problems, take it three times a day, with faith and patience, and do not take with worry and doubt.

Time spent alone with God in prayer will never be in vain.

My Prayer Hand

My thumb is closest to my heart when I pray – so pray first for those who are closest to you!

The second finger is used for pointing, pray for those who point you towards the truth – like your teachers, ministers, and those who encourage and inspire you.

The third finger is the tallest, remember it for those who stand in leadership, both in government and in your church.

The fourth finger is the weakest, it stands for the weak, those who are in trouble, pain, injured.

The pinky finger is the smallest: let it stand for the unnoticed, poor, abused and deprived

- Psalm 55:17

Prayer is the world’s greatest wireless connection.

Tears are prayers too, it travels to God when we cannot speak words.

As long as someone in heaven is there to protect me when I pray, there is no one on earth who could break me.

Amazing things happen when you call on the name of Jesus!

God has no phone, but I still talk to Him.

He has no Facebook, but He is still my friend.

He does not have a Twitter, but I still follow Him.

The poorest person on earth is not the one without money, but the one without Jesus.

The best way to fight your battle is on your knees in prayer.

Satan will try to limit your prayer because he knows your praying will limit him.

When prayer becomes your habit, miracles will become your lifestyle.

Locks are never manufactured without a key, your prayer is a key to unlock any door Satan locks against you!

A door is much smaller compared to the house, a lock is much smaller compared to the door, and a key is the smallest of all, but that key can open the entire house. Your small prayer can open the door to a breakthrough for any major problem in your life.

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