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A House Opened For Prayer (Part 3)

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Why Peter was kept in prison? Kept in prison for a miracle

That is what the Holy Spirit says, no matter what others says about Peter –

Herod or the prisoner may say Peter was kept in prison for execution – for capital punishment

But as far as God concern – Peter was kept there for a great miracle

Even though the situations around us are worse –God’s children are always in the hands of God almighty.

Ask Joseph where are you; I am in an Egyptian prison – I was kept here by Pharaoh for life long imprisonment

But Lord said no, Joseph was kept in prison for a promotion to the - for a throne

Ask Baby Moses, where are you, I am in the middle of River Nile - in the midst of crocodile

God said no, my child Moses was kept there for better life

Ask Daniel, where are you now – I am in lion’s den - Daniel was kept in lion’s den for a better position

You may think you are in a danger situation – but God says you are safe in the midst of enemies. If we are in the center of God’s will you may surround by danger but believe, you are out of danger

Don’t look at your situation and make negative comments about your tomorrow

Look back and see how many times God uses our enemies to provide and protect us in a miraculous way.

Rom: 8. 28. FºqÆ wwYlw´ xoóÛr¦t ºl¦èt, ar³èf¥bIqg¡ lrjr¦w¼°l¦èt Wxº, oIilt¡ aw»¦qfr IuRr l£qbgr¦tºt Fºt aq¡ Ahrftºt And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

1Cor: 2:9. wwYl¡ Wwº xoóÛr¦tºl¦èt Hgt ¦s°tÉWt I³t I²r°riæ, wälr xI°r°riæ, Hgt eatn£wâft¡ ÛvYf´r Æ xWqºs°teriæ" Fºt FktWrfrgr¦tºWt xbqwi Wxº.However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—the things God has prepared for those who love him

13. Tests will turn into testimonies.

Joseph became a living testimony, the test did not destroy his life

Moses became a living testimony, the test did not destroy his life

Hannah became a living testimony, the test did not fail her

Daniel became a living testimony, the test did not destroy his life

Job became a living testimony for all who go through difficult situation – his trials did not destroy him

God permitted Herod to arrest Peter and put him under heavy guard in prison. Sometimes God permitted us to go through trails and problems to prove the power of our prayer and the mighty hand of our Lord.

There are many reasonable obstacles against Peter’s deliverance

  1. The previous experience was bad – James killed - (v.2)

  2. The time run out – the night before - (v.6)

  1. The Roman law is powerful –

  2. He was hand over to 16 soldiers – (v.4)

  1. He was bond with two chain – (v.6)

  2. He was between two soldiers – (v.6)

  1. The sentries stood guard at the entrance – (v.6)

  2. There were three locked gates before Peter

  3. He was sleeping – no chance for sleeping Peter

There are 29 obstacles mentioned here against Peter’s deliverance, if you are on your knees, or God’s people are on their knees – 29 obstacles will turn into 29 blessings and 29 miraculous testimonies.

As your problems increase, your blessings and your testimonies also increase. What a mighty God we serve!

14. Sleeping bag of promise

V.5-6. Peter was sleeping.

If you were chain to two Roman soldiers and facing the possibility of being executed the next day would you sleep very soundly?

Probably not, but Peter did. In fact, Peter was in a sound asleep that the angel had to strike him on the side to wake him up!

The fact that Peter had been a prisoner twice before is not what gave him his calm hearts?

For that matter this prison experience was different from other two.

* This time he was alone.

* The deliverance did not come right away.

* He was able to witness, this time no opportunity.

* His previous arrests taken place after the great victories.

* This time followed by the death of James, His dear friend and colleague.

What gave Peter such confidence and peace?

To begin with, many believers were praying for him. (12; 12) and kept it up day and night for a week: and this helped to bring peace. Ph: 4:6-7

Prayer has a way of reminding us of the promise of God’s word. Ps: 4:8; Ish: 41:10.

But the main cause of Peter’s peace was the knowledge that Herod could not kill him.

Because Jesus had given a promised to Peter that he would live to be an old man Jn: 21:18, 19.

15. Waking into miracle.

Imagine! These two soldiers were watching Peter’s sleeping. They might have said each other that after couple of hours this poor Peter will awake in to death – but peter awake into a miracle.

But it was the last night for those who watch him in prison. Some people have no sleep at all they are always worried about others.

They never close their eyes, mouth, ears, towards others, but we children of God are always safe in the hands of God.

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