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  • Rev. Thomas Abraham

I Heard and I Saw

Revelation 1: 10 - "On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit."

Apostle John knew the importance of the day – celebrating the Lord’s day gave power to his ninety year-old body allowing him to work the next six days in the coal mines of Patmos.

Celebrating the Lord’s day gave him an anointing to overcome the loneliness and depression that filled the isolated Island of Patmos.

Celebrating Lord’s day gave him special grace to tolerate the difficult situation he was in.

The Island Patmos was a place for banished criminals. Those that inhabited the island prison filled the atmosphere with a negative spirit, cursing, and darkness. It was hell on Earth for those that were on the island.

But among the criminal was one saint. Among the darkness was a lamp.

For everyone else, the Lord’s day was a holiday, but for John, it was a "holy day".

On this holiday, all the inmates would remember their loved ones. They would remember the day they were banished to this hellish place.

But for John, it was a day to remember His master and Lord who died on the cross, in the manner of a criminal, to save his life from hell.

When he is reminded of his Lord, he could not remain silent, so he begin to praise and worship, and he is filled with the Holy Spirit on the Lord’s day.

While the inmates fill the atmosphere with their cursing, John begins to fill the atmosphere with his praise.

When an individual filled in the Spirit begins to speak, and speak in tongues – the fire that comes out of their mouth wipes out the darkness in the atmosphere.

Revelation 1:10 - "On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet."

On the Lord’s day when John began to speak in tongues, things began to change.

The Lord opened his ears to hear the supernatural, something that no one else could hear.

Not things of this world, this something in high definition, something not from this world.

He heard a loud voice like a trumpet, not the inmates whispering around him.

Yes, we can expect and experience a loud voice in worship. When a king arrives, there can be no silence there.

Psalm 29:2 - "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness."

Jesus said if you don’t shout at a king's presence, then the stones will begin to shout. The stone experienced firsthand the power of resurrection as they were the ones moved on the day the Jesus rose again.

The sound of the trumpet proclaims a sound of victory. The true worshipper is not one who has lost, rather, he/she is a victor and he/she always celebrates victory.

John saw his master in a different way from how he saw Him when He was here on this earth.

Not only will the Holy Spirit show up in worship, but Jesus Himself also is present in the midst of true worship. Jesus said fear not – I have the keys!

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