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  • Rev. Thomas Abraham

A House Opened for Prayer (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Acts: 12:12. When this had dawned on him, he went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying.

V. 5, 12. When Peter was in prison a house is opened for saints to come together for earnest prayer – their prayer was not a crisis prayer like five virgins, these five virgins relaxed until the last minutes and emergency come they went to the street in a wrong time for oil – Mt: 25

But this house is already been opened many times for Jesus and His disciples and His church

Luke: 22:7-14.

Look at the background of this prayer room:

1. The owner of this house is John Mark and his mother Mary

2. This particular year they did not give this room for Jews, but they give to Jesus forever

4. One of them was Peter went to prepare room, that same room used for his deliverance – do

whatever Lord ask you without any hesitation, one day that will cause for your blessings and deliverance

5 When you obey Lord’s command, the strange things will come on your way – things you have

never seen before.

6. John Mark expecting a different Passover this year, his traditional rituals is stopped for Jesus

7. He knew in his spirit that; very special person is going to step in his room this year.

8. He gave upper room – that shows the better part of his house

9. He gave his large room – that shows the largeness of his heart for the Lord and his ministry

10. Furnished room – that shows he is a disciplined person - receiving Jesus and serving him is expensive – you need to pay the price for great blessings

11. When the hour comes – (Lk: 22:14) you need to wait for your hour of blessing. You might have done everything, but hard part is waiting for God’s right time.

Finally, John Mark did not stay in that room for taking glory or appreciation from the Lord or from disciples.

After this occasion many times they have gathered in that same room again and again for prayer and fellowship – some people never open their houses until some emergency situations comes.

Let us wide open our house for saints to come and pray, let us fill our house with prayer and praise and presence of God. Let our children know the important of prayer in their life too.

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