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  • Rev. Thomas Abraham

A Caring God

1 Peter 5: 7 - "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

1 King 17: 2-3 - "And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying, 'Get thee hence, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan."

  1. Learning to obey his master.

  • Hiding in a secret place is hard for a popular man, a man who did a strange miracle before the King.

  • Be separate from the society's standard, culture, practices, lifestyle, food. Do not mingle with evil people.

  1. Learning to trust God alone.

  • His message affected himself, but he was not murmuring about it.

  • Our brook will dry out, our raven will die, but God wants to teach us that our source of provision is not from this world, but from God, the One who called you.

  1. Learning to be content.

  • When God closes one door there are two reasons for that.

  • God has a greater plan for our lives.

  • He will open a better way for us.

When God closed the way of Israel at the Red Sea, the were able to see the miraculous hand of the Lord in a way they had never before seen.

God said:

Exodus 14:15-16 - "Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. 16 Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground."

When we come across such situations, don’t be discouraged and turn back, but move forward, there are great things ahead for you.

God bless you!

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